Baruch Spinoza (1632-1677) was a Jewish-Portuguese-Dutch Philosopher.
Spinoza's insights help evolve all Religions to a Universal Religion.
Just as the Hebrew Bible was the Constitution of the then Hebrew State,
so the World Bible will be the Constitution of the to-be World State.

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Spinoza defined "sorrow, boredom, joy" with one definition.

You TRY—it's difficult, but enlightening.  The more you try,
the more will the insight's beauty delight you.                                          E3:Preface(12)

Caution: words such as "panic, anguish, displeased, bored, pleased,
delight,  elation"  are  properties  not  definitions.  Try  for  the cause;
the  measuring yardstick.    G:Note 1< E1:Parkinson:2601 >

               Keep trying.


Spinoza also defined "hate, indifference, love" with one definition.

You TRY—it's difficult,  but enlightening.   It is harder than defining
"sorrow... joy."  The more you try, the more will the insight's beauty            E3:Preface(12)
delight you.

                E-mail your definition of "hate, indifference, love".

Caution  again:  words  such  as  "hate,  despise, dislike, indifferent,
like,  fond,  love"  are  properties  not  definitions.  Try for the cause;
the  measuring  yardstick.   G:Note 1< E1:Parkinson:2601 >

                Keep trying.


  Spinoza  defined  the  terms  "perfection";  "sorrow-boredom-joy";  "hate-indifference-love"
  by  their  causes;  not  by  their  properties.   G:Note 1 ,   < E1:Parkinson:2601 > ,  Calculus Format.

The above terms are respectively analogous to "distance", "velocity", and "acceleration".

°ACCELERATION  °FAITH           C:Fig.1(b)      = °HATE...INDIFFERENCE...°LOVE

                                                                                                     Expressed in Calculus
Table 1 - The Key to Understanding °EMOTION & °FAITH
                                                                                Life's Roller Coaster

Mull over this table carefully.  Chapters of Spinoza's insights are embedded.

E-mail for Table 1 clarification request, suggestion, or disagreement.


From Will Durant's "Story of Philosophy"; Washington Square Press; 18th Printing, 1965;
        Page. xiv.

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I  stumbled  upon  Spinoza  after I studied Calculus in college.  Spinoza's 
definitions  of  sorrow, boredom, joyhate, indifference, love, seemed to 
me to lend themselves to Calculus expression.  The more I studied these 
equations  the  more I realized how important they were in understanding 
roller-coaster  emotions  and everyday relationships—you love not out of 
altruism, but out of self-interest.   

As I kept studying Spinoza,  I was really hooked when what happened to  
me is what Elwes thought happened to Spinoza.   

From Elwes's Introduction to his Translations of Spinoza's Works.  

This  "unfolding itself"  was  to me an infinite "organic interdependence of   Importance of 1D6 = ONE
parts" which  led  directly  to the "Golden Rule";  not out of altruism but of 
enlightened self-interest. 

Now,  after  some  fifty-six  years,  I am still studying Spinoza and gaining 
ever-new insights. 

            We all want Joy. 
            We all want Love. 
            We all want Peace-of-Mind. 
To  get  them,  a  profound  understanding  of  them helps. 
Spinoza's  insights  help  provide  such  understanding. 
Your understanding minimizes your loss of Peace-of-Mind.  
Aristotle "Nicomachean Ethics - Book I": 
           "Shall we not, like archers who have a mark to aim at, be more 
            likely to hit upon what we should? If so, we must try, in outline 
            at least, to determine what it is, . . . "  Bk.XIV:1:4174.  

TP1:(1:4:2):288—Spinoza's Dictum: 
           "I have made a ceaseless effort not to ridicule, not to bewail,               E2:XLIX(69) 
            not  to  scorn  human actions,  but  to  understand  them."             George Eliot


"Book III   is   valuable  for  showing  Spinoza's  Method  for  achieving               Mark Twain 
Wisdom  (PcM):  posit  G-D,   define Conatusdefine an infinite  thing 
by its Essence, and define finite things by their causes. These precise 
definitions   lead   to   the  understanding  which  brings  Blessedness.  


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Spinozistic Insights:
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       Chapter 2 - Hypotheses   

Spinozistic Calculus     Spinozistic insights expressed in Calculus & in Graphs.

Spinozistic Dialogue:
       Act 1 - Definitions  
       Act 2 - Hypotheses
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Mark Twain and Spinoza - HTML, Abridgment, MSR, AeR, TK3R.

Christiainity and Spinoza

Buddhism and SpinozaBuddhistic Glossary and Index

Spinozistic Scriptural Interpretations

Spinozistic Glossary and Index  –   Notes, Bibliography and Citation Abbreviations.
                                                       Names, Topics & Threads.

Spinozistic Contributions to Wikipedia  –  The summation of my Spinoza studies.

Jewish - Islamic Philosophy – The root sources of Spinoza's philosophy
                                                and others for whom he left sources.

Columbia—A Short Biography of Spinoza  –   Elwes—A Longer Biography of Spinoza
Wolf—A Still Longer Biography of Spinoza  –   Dialectical Logic  –   Endnote and Link Search
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Wolf's introduction to the Short Treatise on G-D, Man, and his Well-Being (WST).

Short Treatise on G-D, Man, and his Well-Being (ST).

Elwes's Introduction  –  From Book II.      JBY Paragraph Numbers, Commentary, and Links.
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On the Improvement of the Understanding (TEI) – From Book I.
              TEXT, HTML, Abridgment, MSR, AeR, TK3R.
Elwes's translation, Curley's Para. #s, JBY Sentence Numbers, Commentary, and Links.

The Ethics – From Book IElwes's translation, JBY Sentence Numbers, Commentary, and Links.  
              TEXT          –
   Part IPart IIPart III ,  Part IVPart V              
                 Part IPart IIPart IIIPart IVPart V
                 Abridgment  –   Part I ,  Part II ,  Part III ,  Part IV ,  Part V.

A Theologico-Political Treatise (TTP) – From Book IIElwes's translation, JBY Sentence Numbers,
             HTML    TEXT      Part 1  – Chapters I to V. Abridgment.                 Commentary, and Links.
             HTML    TEXT      Part 2  –  Chapters VI to X
             HTML    TEXT      Part 3  –  Chapters XI to XV
             HTML    TEXT      Part 4  –  Chapters XVI to XX

A Political Treatise (TP) – From Book IIGusset's translation, JBY Sentence Numbers, Commentary,
             HTML    TEXT       Part 1  –  Chapters I to V                                                         and Links.
             HTML    TEXT       Part 2  –  Chapters VI & VII
             HTML    TEXT       Part 3  –  Chapters VIII to XI

The Letters - JBY Paragraph Numbers, Commentary, and Links.

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  Reading the Ethics of Spinoza
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  The Complete Works of Spinoza
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  The Giants of Philosophy
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  The Netherlands (1632-1677)
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   Talking Book World Audiobook
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  The Continental Rationalists,     Spinoza, Descartes, & Leibniz.
  Available  on  a  CD  from
  IntLex's Past Master Series
   Book VIII (Volume 1) – "The Collected Works
Spinoza"  Edited and Translated by Edwin
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  CD complete with Old and New     Testaments in many languages,
  Hebrew and Greek lexicons and
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   "Bible Works for Windows" - Hermeneutika.
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  Great Thinkers
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  Great Thinkers


   Dey Alexander

  Philosophy in Cyberspace.
  The Ethics
   Santiago Barona

   "The Ethics- Part I" beautifully hypertexted.
  Spinoza's Ethics
  James's  Pragmatism
  Charles Peirce's - How to Make
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  Thomas Hobbes's Leviathan.
   Andy Blunden <ablunden@mira.net>
   Miniature Library of Philosophy

   E. V. Ilyenkov's Essay 2 - Dialectical Logic

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  Benedictus de Spinoza

  Benedict de Spinoza
  and Spinozism

   Björn Christensson <bjoch509@knuten.liu.se>

   Will Durant. The Story of Philosophy: 4. Spinoza

  Spinoza Biography
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   Garth Kemerling's Philosophy Pages
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  Benedict de Spinoza    Peter Landry <peteblu@valueweb.net>
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